Delivery Times & Shipping Upgrades

Q. When Will You Mail My Jewelry?

* Your jewelry will ship in 2-3 weeks.

***Important: I ship to the shipping address listed in PayPal, only. Please make sure that your shipping address is up to date in PayPal before you pay. PayPal is very strict and requires its vendors to ship to the shipping address listed in your PayPal account. ***

Q. Where Do You Ship?

* US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom.

Q. Once You Ship, How Long Does It Take To Arrive?

* I ship within the US by first-class mail, Priority mail, Express mail, registered mail. US shipments can take anywhere between 1 day and a month.

* To International Locations, I ship US Express, which usually takes 3-5 business days, except for Canada (which takes about 2 weeks).

* During Christmas season, packages can be severely delayed.

Q. How Much Is Shipping Per Package?

Shipping within the US = $6 for shipments up to $100, $25 for shipments over $100 because I send it Express Mail.

I send expensive jewelry by Express Mail to mitigate risk. The less time your jewelry spends in transit, the less chance there will be of theft or loss.

Q. I'd Like Express Shipping. How Much Does It Cost?

* To the U.S.: $25 Express Mail Total

International packages automatically ship by US Express Mail

Q. Do You Require A Signature?

* Paypal requires a signature for packages worth $250 or more.

Q. I Don't Want To Wait In Line At The Post Office. Is There An Easier Way To Mail Jewelry To You?

* Yes. You can print out a shipping label with postage from your PayPal account and put your package in your mailbox. Click here: