Artist Statement

Inspired by Antiquity

I love metal color, pattern, and texture. I love harmony of form. I love antiquity. All my loves combined go into my jewelry.

As an undergrad, I studied Ancient Roman History. I continue to be
fascinated by far-off times and places. I love textures, roughness,
seeing the "marks of the maker's hands" upon the piece. To me, these are
the things that make jewelry an authentically personal piece of art.

Modern society has developed so far that we've become removed from the
earth. We have processed, refined, single-serving, pre-fabricated,
machine-made, instant, and disposable. As I grew further from childhood,
I noticed that something was missing. The tactile was gone.

I had a childhood of playing in the fields and forests in Minnesota. In
the dirt and grass, in piles of fall leaves and in snow. Becoming an
adult in modern society severs childhood connections to the earth. So, I
am fascinated with things that are ancient. The way ancient goldsmiths
made jewelry. The marks of finger prints. Roughness. Unevenness. Sanded.
Antique cut gems. Organic Forms. The sense that a human being made this
piece of jewelry, using tools he made himself, taking his time. Things
with a form and a history behind them. Of a place within a culture. A
sense of belonging.

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